English 306: Arthurian Legend & Romance

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If you have questions pertaining to the course itself, feel free to meet with Dr. Obermeier during her office hours on Monday and Thursday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM or contact her via email.

If you encounter an issue accessing any of the files linked in the weekly folders, please send an email to Dalicia Raymond

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     Dates to Remember

10/15 Midterm

10/16 Film in HUM 108- Guinevere

11/8 Arthurian Round Table Dinner

11/11 Paper/project proposal due

11/19 Film in HUM 108- Excalibur

12/8 Term paper due by 11:59 PM by email or 8 AM on 12/9 if physical project

12/12 Final exam 3:00-5:00

If you have any questions about the resources available on this page, please contact Anita Obermeier.

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